German PassivHaus (Passive House) or Low Energy House UK

When building your new home, there is a balance to be sought between the cost of building it and the future cost of running it. There is no doubt, the age of cheap energy has gone!

At Self Build My Home, we subscribe to the “Fabric First” principle. We build green, very energy efficient homes to reduce your heating bills (many houses save up to 90% on standard fuel bills), retain the property’s value and help save the earth’s resources. We also ensure that the building is healthy and comfortable for you to live in.

We offer either German Passivhaus (passive house) or Low Energy self builds.

German Passivhaus (Passive House) Homes

We use the German Passivhaus Institute design modelling software (Passivhaus House Planning Package or PHPP) so that your house requires very little energy to heat or cool your living space. Some homes are so energy efficient that they do not require standard heating systems. In addition to the thin joint block work that all of our homes use to reduce the effects of cold-bridging, energy efficiency is achieved by very high standards of insulation, superior air-tightness and passive solar gain through large expanses of triple-glazed windows.

We design your home from the start to Passivhaus standards and have the house inspected and signed off as being built to Passivhaus compliance if required.

Note that passive houses can be designed to have whatever external appearance YOU require - passive house is a means of energy efficiency that does not interfere with the external design. All of our Passivhaus homes are healthy and pleasant to live in. The large triple-glazed windows make the buildings light and sunny. The heat recovery ventilation system provides very good ventilation when it is too cold to comfortably open windows - obviously, however, all of our windows will fully open and passive houses (like oridinary homes) are ventililated by open windows during the summer months.

A UK Passivhaus home under construction

Low Energy Self Build House in Norfolk UK

This flint-faced house was built in North Norfolk to comply with local authority planning requirements to meet the local design guidance.



Low Energy Homes

Our Low Energy Houses are very similar to passive houses in design - the energy is determined by SAP calculation and the PHPP design. They provide similar levels of energy efficiency and offer you a healthy, pleasant low energy home to live in. They do not, however, have the compliance inspection and they do not need to be signed off.

Low energy home construction in Norfolk, England

Low Energy House Build in Norfolk UK

This Norfolk self build house is designed to be very energy efficient.



Passivhaus and Low Energy Homes - Different Architectural Styles

However you envisage your “dream house”, let Self Build My Home make it into a green, energy efficient, healthy and pleasant home:

Brick built Passivhaus in England UK Passivhaus Low energy UK self build
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