Self Build House Kits UK

Wanting to self build a masonry kit home in mainland UK?

If so, our self-build house kits contain all the materials you will require to build a weather-proof masonry shell sourced from the best producers, along with all the information and construction detailing you will need.

Self Build My Home can turn your plans into a comprehensive kit always making sure you have the best value. We can work from client's drawings or, if required, we can provide an architectural service.

UK house built using a Self-Build Kit

Our Self-Build House Kits - Weather-Proof Shell

The weather-proof shell typically consists of all the materials and building services required to provide the weatherproof shell for the customer to complete to their own specification.

For self-build kits - as with other self-building - we help you along the build process in understandable stages.

And remember we are only a phone call away when you need advice.

Architect's drawing of self built home

Self-Build House Kits - Optional Technical Services

With all of our self-builds, you can choose which technical services you require.

We also have available a range of thin joint masonry house designs for those requiring ‘off the peg’ solutions.

Low Energy Kit Houses

Our kit houses, like our other homes, are energy efficient and can be signed off to Passivhaus standards if required.

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